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the wall street bitcoin crypto nft

What’s different?

It’s not just an NFT, it’s not a cryptocurrency, it’s better than that. We have combined two products into one. The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT where every Crypto-NFT has an actual value based on a pool of Bitcoin. No other NFT or cryptocurrency... in the marketplace today focuses on both providing gains and minimizing losses. No matter what happens to the NFT market there will always be value provided by this exchange pool.

the wall street bitcoin crypto nft difference

Why our NFT ?

the wall street bitcoin crypto nft

We are the only Crypto-NFT in the world that will have a world class asset backing our NFT which is the original Bitcoin instead of just hype. You can exchange your Crypto-NFT at a floor price that makes sure you don’t face total losses. With an innovative... exchange pool that adds value to the Crypto-NFT every time a sale happens, The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT is your safest bet in bull and bear markets. This product allows you to benefit from two markets at once, NFTs and the original Bitcoin.

How does it work?

The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT creator has dedicated 65% of Crypto-NFT sales to build an exchange pool designed to prevent massive losses. This revenue will be used to purchase Bitcoin... which will be placed into the exchange pool. Crypto-NFT owners will be able to exchange their Crypto-NFT for a portion of the pool based on the total number of Crypto-NFTs in circulation. This provides a floor price to each Crypto-NFT that will increase every time the NFTs are sold or when the price of Bitcoin increases.

Imagine putting aside some of your hard earned money into savings.
That is exactly what we do with every NFT sold.
We put 65% of each sale into a pool of Bitcoin which collectively adds value to the NFT. And with the rise in Bitcoin prices, the value of the NFT will also rise.

the wall street bitcoin crypto nft

How do I get involved?

the wall street bitcoin crypto nft

It’s simple, just buy The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT once we open the sale with an incredible offer! The more Crypto-NFTs that are sold the larger the exchange pool will grow which will benefit the entire Crypto-NFT ...community.

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